Number of trees sponsored: 52

Starting from the end of February 2017, Kiba and I will perform a walk across the
whole of Shvil Israel we will start our journey in Eilat.

The fastest run without a dog has been done in twelve days by Richard Bowles from Australia. We would like to do it within 22 days or less. That means we will have to walk an average of 45 km per day, perhaps even more.

Do you think we have what it takes? Make sure to follow our progress.

A lot of preparation needs to be done for the trip. I know the Negev region and I know that it is not easy to perform this task especially with a dog. Since there are specific parts when I will have to carry Kiba, special equipment and a dog back pack will be necessary. We will also have a team supporting us on the trip with logistics, food and water.


Please support us with sponsoring a tree by making a donation to KKL Czech Republic under the account information bellow. The fee for sponsoring a tree is 350Kč,- per tree (13 Euro). The more trees you sponsor, the better the chance we have to reach our goal and make an actual difference.

Each tree sponsored will give you a chance to win in our raffle. Five lucky contestants are going to win a flight ticket to Israel. Don’t forget to send us a short email to info@enjoyisrael.net with your name and number of trees sponsored so we can match your donation and contact you if you win.

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