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Dear friends, as promised we have determined the 5 winners of our raffle. ;)

Each winner will be contacted next week ;)
We would like to wish everyone a marvelous weekend and we shall of course keep you notified regarding forthcoming web site related updates.

Dear friends. We have arrived home safely and all is well. We had plenty of rest ;).
We would like to announce that the raffle will take place on the 28th of April and the winner will be contacted. Trees can still be sponsored until the 27th.
Have a great day.

While sorting out and preparing pictures for our next update(s) we noticed that we still have a lot of pictures from our previous steps which we have not yet shown you. Sometimes we get a bit carried away with the amount of pictures that we take.. Sorting and preparing them is an adventure in itself ;)
So with out any further ado here are some outstanding photos from our previous steps. Some of these photos are really breathtaking!
Further pictures of our journey will be posted shortly. enjoy! ;)

We walked along the beach of Netanya and went a bit into the city. Ceasarea is an antique port city, it's height in popularity was during the Roman empire, but it was important before as well. ( the aqueduct was built by the Romans).

The rest of the photos are on the way to and in Ramat Hanadiv park, which is *a living memorial to Baron Edmond de Rothschild*. He was an investor for countless settlements in the late 19th and early 20th century ( even before the founding of Israel). Among those is the nearby town of Zichron Yaakov.

enjoy and we shall keep you informed ;)

Some more photos from the Jerusalem area/ hills. Beautiful area. (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

Arrived in Tel Aviv (02.03.2017). A change in surrounding but a nice city never the less. People were extremely friendly and were curious about our journey ;) (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

Walking further into our trail we have come upon some breath taking scenery yet again. While preparing the latest news, updates and photos we realized that we have not yet shared any of these with you.
We have thus uploaded scenery photos taken from Timna as well as one from Eilat to our web gallery as well as on our Facebook page.)

Some more beautiful scenery photos from Ein Aken have been added to our web gallery and to our facebook page.

Don’t forget to also check out and enjoy our gallery on deviantart! ;0)

Jerusalem area / hills. Fun to walk, :) goes a lot up and down. Again some kind of gps
navigation is very much recommended. In places it is easy to go off trail or take
a wrong turn. (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

Beit Guvrin National Park, historically an interesting place.
We are
closing in on Jerusalem. Kiba got on well with the other animals ;)
(pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

Running for and enjoying the forest. From a couple of days back. The Yatir forest proved to be a relaxing area especially for Kiba ;) (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook) ;)

Good morning. ;) Here are a couple more photos from the Yatir forest. Notice the rock with the plaque mentioning Český les? ;). The journey ahead of us is still long and that is why our next stop will involve a well deserved wine tasting experience ;) (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

The following day we slept at Kibbutz Lahav where the people were very kind and allowed us to use a trail cabin for the night. In the morning we then made our way to Dvira along the Nahal river., where blooming flowers knows as Shikma could be seen. (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

The trail then then crossed highway 6 and followed it for a bit to Lachish. Along this particular route quite few agricultural fields were dominantly seen. All fields were extremely well maintained and possessed well though out and developed irrigation systems. (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

A couple more photos from our first stage. We feel good and energetic and are looking very forward to all the wonderful sites ahead. ;)

Dear friends,
Over the last few days we have made tremendous progress; from sleeping next to Ovda airport to the splendid cliff of Mitzpe. From the beautiful Valley Wadi Zin to the spring in Ein Akev.
From the enchanting Yatir forest to the exclusive Yarden winery.
As you can see we have covered a lot of ground. We will be posting pictures very soon on each of these steps. We are also preparing a small video ;). There is so much we want and will show you ;)
Thank you for all of your support. We appreciate it a lot.

We received a very warm welcome at the Yarden winery,;) where Etti was kind enough to give us both a private tour and samples of their wines. Their wines are excellent and exquisite. All wines are of high quality and if we could recommend one it would be Mt. Amasa, which really is one of a kind. (pictures added to web gallery and on our facebook)

Dear friends,
Today we will be posting quite a few sets of pictures. Here is the first set; Red Canyon, Eilat & Timna national park. enoy! ;)

Dear friends,
On our way to Eilat we have decided to make a stop at Red Canyon, and we have to say that it was a most beautiful site.
Once we have reached Eilat we have made our way to Coral beach which was our starting point.
Along the way we did take one wrong turn and had to walk at night but thankfully we were very well prepared and had all the necessary equipment for camping comfortably.
We have successfully reached Timna national park where we have rested near the lake/oasis.
We have undergone a hard march uphill from Timna to Shaharut. It was 8 degrees Celsius in the morning, however at about mid day the sun made its presence felt.
We will be posing pictures of this part of our journey as soon as possible.
We wish you a most pleasant Friday. ;)

Today we woke up at 5 in the morning local time and started to prepare for the next stage of our journey.
We headed to Eilat. Our starting point was Coral Beach. We will probably take route six and if possible we might make a stop at the Red Canion ( which was not part of our original plan). As always we shall keep you updated. Have a great day.

Dear friends,
As you probably know our exciting adventure has begun. We are looking very forward to the first stage of our journey.
Here are a couple of pictures taken at Prague airport.
We will be posting updates and statuses on a regular basis on our Facebook page:
and in the news/updates section of our web.

We wish you a wonderful day.

Kiba is ready.
Our journey will begin soon. ;)

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