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Travelling with a dog to Israel

It is really very easy BUT I was very nervous as it was my first time and in my opinion the information you get is not very clear. To make a long story short: You need a passport for your dog. This you can get at your veterinarian. The vaccinations are more or less the normal ones. You need a blood test 30 days after vaccination against rabies. This means you should talk with your veterinarian latest three month before your journey starts about your plans. The “document” Israel_dogs_cats_2010_05_06 you will find in the WEB This document has to be filled out by your veterinarian 3 days (if you fly Sunday might be 5 days) before your flight and it has to be confirmed by a state veterinarian. Which state office is responsible for you, you have to ask. It depends where you have your home address. (3 days before travelling is Czech rule for all countries!) Do not forget the dog’s passport as you will get also a stamp into the passport. If you have this document send it to the mail valid for Ben GurionAirport !(I got the right mail address only in Israel from the ministry. Thanks to ShukyKoren) You will get back a confirmation that your dog is allowed to travel to Israel within short time. In my case I got it after 10 minutes. With this you are allowed to board the plane. (Remember Friday afternoon and Shabbat you might get no answer. So send it in time) In Israel we passed the customs without any question. Back we have been asked for the documents by the flight company but also no problem. Arrived in Prague the custom asked for the dog passport and double checked the chip.

That was it. Sounds very easy and it is very easy. But it was a nightmare to get all and the right information.

If you have a questioncontact the Veterinary Services of Israel Phone 00972 (0) 3 9792240 or

Please note that the information we give here are based on our experience in February 2017 travelling from the Czech Republic with a Czech dog to Israel. There can be changes always.

Shvil Israel with a dog

Most people warned me You cannot do it with a dog in the Negev. They are right and not. You can do it. BUT not all parts are nice for you and the dog so you have to think about. And some parts are very narrow if you have the dog in the backpack. BE CAREFUL! And there are some parts you have to put your dog in the backpack very often so that it might be that you will do only 10 Kilometers the whole day! You need water for you and the dog and even in February we had temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. For many dogs this already warm. Also the sun is very intensive. In many parts the stones are very sharp. As Kiba was always very motivated I had to take care that he does not cut his paws. What is good with a dog is that he knows very well when to rest and he will do it. So if the dog is asking for rest you can ask yourself if you should not have one as well. PLEASE keep the dog lashed all the time. There are wild animals and it is not for them as well might not be safe for your dog. Please accept that you will not be at a spring before 1hour after sunrise and not after 1,5 hours before sunset. (EinAkev one hour more!) If a ranger will see your dog in a nature preserve unlashed the punishment can be very high!

After Maktesh Ha Katanto the north was no part which has been very difficult for my dog. Also not Mount Arbel. Even in the Negev the difficult parts have been very limited. The part in Timna Park is not to recommend with adog -a lot to climb for the dog and some parts you have to take him in the backpack. There are some more parts in the Negev where you have ladder bars and you need a backpack for the dog to be safe for both. And some parts like Mount Karbolet are a little bit more challenging. If you have time and you are good prepared you can do it. By the way many thanks to Timna Park – they allowed us to camp although this day was closed for individuals for camping.

Just for information in the Eilat mountains are paths / shvilim I would say it is dangerous to do it with a dog, as you have to climb steep and some passages are very narrow. So even with the backpack for the dog it is difficult to do it. Be careful what you are doing. We recommend very strong not to leave the paths. It can be very dangerous even if you know the area. You have a lot of cliffs, loose stones and more. And it is not allowed to leave the path in nature preserves. Please respect this.

Meeting people on and along Shvil Israel

So many people have been walking shvil Israel or part of the shvil. Families, school groups, small groups and many couples. We recommend not do it alone as always something can happen and you need help. In the dessert you have parts you have no or limited mobile connection. You might say I did alone – Yes but I had a team with a car. I myself had the mobile phone and a GPS tracker. So my people always know where I am. I met many interesting people. On my way from Timna to Shaharut I met some guys who told me it is not a long way it is an extreme long way. At this time I thought they are joking and answered many thanks for motivating. What can be 15 Kilometers? After some more “more minutes” I understood it was no joke. In Shaharut we met Gigi and talked about the area and the people living there. Many wanted to step out of our busy live and live in the nature. In the North I met a school class and the teacher asked an elder man coming up the path what he is doing and how old he is. This man was already 77 years old doing his third time whole Shvil Israel. At EinAkev we met two guys walking always with a big Israel flag. I met people from Israel, Germany, Czech Republic , Russia, Ukraine and many more countries. Shvil Israel is really something special. If you do it you will see it is like opening contacts. Everybody likes to help you and to talk with you. Is it save? If you are not stupid yes, although everywhere and anytime something can happen. After walking many days I jumped over a petty wall and have folded my food so badly that I though walking you can forget for the next two weeks. Fortunately it was not so bad and I could continue walking.